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Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN) Management

A diagnosis of MMN can bring up many emotions, but there’s relief in knowing it’s treatable. The sooner you and your doctor discuss treatment options and get an MMN management plan in place, the better.

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Forming your MMN management plan

Recently diagnosed with ? Now’s the time to partner with your doctors (including a neurologist, most likely) and figure out what comes next. Part of that partnership includes creating an MMN management plan that’s specific to you.

Your MMN management plan may include medication, additional specialists, or lifestyle changes:

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Physical therapy & occupational therapy

Stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, massage, and learning ways to work with reduced strength in affected areas of the body.

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Regular exercise & diet changes

You also may find it helpful to keep up a low-impact exercise routine, as you are able. This may include stretching your muscles on a regular basis. Work with your doctor to build an exercise regimen that feels effective to you.

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A standard treatment for MMN is (IVIg) therapy. IVIg therapy temporarily replaces in your system. It’s delivered into your vein, usually in your arm, either at an infusion center or with an at-home infusion nurse. It’s important to discuss with your doctor whether this type of medicine may be a good option for you.

Discussing management with your doctor

You and your doctor can develop a management plan that works for you. Be sure to be open about any questions or concerns you might have.

For example, you may want to ask:

  • What could the benefits of my management plan be?
  • What risks are involved?
  • Will my MMN management plan change over time?
  • Where can I go for physical, occupational, or IVIg therapy?
  • How will this plan fit into my lifestyle?
  • How can managing MMN help with my health goals?

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms so adjustments can be made based on your needs.
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It's very important to me to have a team that's patient and understands what I'm going through.
Living with MMN


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